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PokerOCR - software package for creating hand histories on the fly. High safety of use!

Important information

     This site does not conduct gambling

     Features of our software:

      Our software package is designed to play poker with an assistant. The helper (solver) gives a recommendation for the Hero's move in real time. One of the supported solvers acts as an assistant.
For security purposes, the software generates hand history in real time from the image of the poker table using optical image recognition (OCR).
      The image of the poker table (tables) with the poker client (s) is formed by our software using our client-server software. You need at least two computers to play. If one monitor is used, then the system units must be connected to it using their own cables or using a monitor switch (for example, KVM). First, we connect the monitor to the computer with the poker client. Launching the poker client. Then we connect the monitor to the second computer and play from the second computer. In the case of using two monitors, the screen resolution on the server and client may be different. The computer with the poker client must be accessible either through a local network or over the Internet from a second computer.

Video with an overview of our new poker table visualization technology:

Video with subtitles. If they are not displayed, please enable them in your player
Double click on the video to open it full screen

Important! The resolution of the screens of the monitors of the client and server computers must be at least 1920x1080.
Important! If the image of the server desktop is played in the client in jerks, then the processor load is 95-100% and it is necessary to transfer one or more or all PokerRecorderOCRs running on the client to another computer. Do not forget to specify in the menu PokerRecorder --> OCR IP and Port of the new computer with PokerRecorderOCR.

   The complex includes the following programs:
  - PokerOCR (PokerRecorder + PokerRecorderOCR)
     PokerRecorder - a program that generates hand history on the fly;
     PokerRecorderOCR - a program that recognizes the elements of the poker table (OCR) - stacks, cards, etc.;
  - GetSetUser [it is not necessary to install] - a program for automatically resizing the poker table and its position on the desktop. Used in variants 1,2,3 (see above);
  - GTO+X [it is not necessary to install] - software for managing the PokerSnowie solver.
  - POCRVNC (client + server) - programs for obtaining an image of the poker table from a remote computer and controlling the mouse and keyboard of the remote computer. Used in option 4 (see above).

   Solvers supported:

1. CheckMath (program)

The situation is supported when there are two players at the table postflop.
2. API CheckMath (service)

The situation is supported when there are two players at the table postflop.

Spin and Go

   Checkmath Forum
   CheckMath API support is integrated into PokerRecorder. The time to wait for advice from API Checkmath from the moment the hero's turn comes is 1-4 seconds.

   Important! When you buy your first subscription to PokerOCR, we give as a gift 500 free requests to CheckMath/CheckMath API (keys are suitable for both options).

3. PokerSnowie

A multi-pot situation is supported - several players at the table.

   PokerSnowie runs GTO+X. The time to wait for advice from PokerSnowie from the moment the hero's turn comes is 9-14 seconds.
   The full trial version can be downloaded from the site.

    Number of poker tables supported on one computer (depends on monitor resolution):
   - 6 tables

     One month subscription information:

# Room Supported game types Cash cost * Spin&Go [SnG 2-3max] cost *
NLH Cash HU NLH Cash 3max NLH Cash 6max NLH S&G from NL2 bef NL10 from NL2 bef. NL100 from NL2 bef. NL800 all from $0,25 bef. $2 from $0,25 bef. $10 from $0,25 bef. $50 all
The subscription includes all of the following rooms:








1 PokerStars no no yes yes
2 GGPoker no no yes yes
3 Natural8 no no yes yes
4 Americas CardRoom yes yes yes yes
5 PokerKing yes yes yes yes
6 TruePoker yes yes yes yes
7 YaPoker yes yes yes yes
8 TitanPoker no no yes yes
9 RedStar no no yes yes
10 WinaMax yes yes yes yes
11 PokerBaazi no no yes no
12 BetOnline no no yes no
13 Ignition (Bodog & Bovada) no no yes no
14 PMU Poker no no yes no

     * If you play both Cash and Spin and Go (S&G), then the cost of the subscription is determined at the highest cost.
     ** This subscription does not include rooms: PokerStars and Ignition (Bodog & Bovada).

   If you play at higher limits than you paid, we reserve the right to block your license.
   If you plan to play at higher limits, then pay the difference between the paid subscription and the one you plan to purchase.
   All our software has no expiration date. Terms of our services - according to subscription.
   The subscription price includes all software, except for solvers.

     One month subscription price information:

# Payment system payment address
1 Neteller (Temporarily not working) abscontent@gmail.com
2 Skrill (Temporarily not working) deluxcontent@gmail.com
3 PayPal (Temporarily not working) sale@xseon.ru
4 Crypto BTC, LTC and etc. ask us for the address before sending

    In the payment details, specify "Software by Subscription" and then enter the email address to which the software will be activated.
    The subscription fee is debited one month after the subscription is activated.
    After paying for the first subscription, within 24 hours, a letter with links to the software, keys, video instructions will be sent to the email specified in the payment purpose.
    After payment, your balance will be replenished within 24 hours.
    The status of the subscription balance can be viewed on the PokerRecorder tab in the "About license" menu.

   To purchase our software, please contact the following contacts:
   - support@pokerocr.com
   - Telegram: pokerocr

      System Requirements