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   Knowledge base.

   I. General issues. PokerOCR (PokerRecorder and PokerRecorderOCR).

✔ 1. What tables does PokerOCR PC work with?
   At the time of this writing, the software works with 2-6 max tables. 
✔ 2. What rooms does PokerOCR work with?
 The PokerOCR software complex is operating at the time of writing (09/01/2021) with 13 poker rooms.

See the list of supported rooms here
✔ 3. What types of games does PokerOCR work with?
 The PokerOCR software complex is working at the time of writing (09/01/2021) with Cash 2-6 max and Spin and Go.

For a list of supported rooms and game types, see here
✔ 4. Can I download a trial version of PokerOCR?
 There is no trial version. There is only a 1 month subscription. It is also possible to purchase the unlimited version of PokerOCR (we will inform you about the cost upon request).

Subscription price for 1 month, depending on the limit played
✔ 5. If the room I need is not in the list of supported rooms, can I order it?
   Yes, you can. Write us a message or email: support@pokerocr.com or Telegram: pokerocr or from this site. We will contact you.
✔ 6. With what programs would you recommend using your software?
    Solvers: API CheckMath (service), CheckMath (API MODE) (program), PokerSnowie.

More information here
✔ 7. How many tables can you play at the same time?
   We recommend a monitor with a FULL HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) for operation, at this resolution 4 tables and 4 PokerRecorder are placed on the screfven. There is almost no room left. If you are using a 2k, 3k, 4K monitor, then you can play at 6 poker tables at the same time.  
✔ 8. If the interface in the room changes, the arrangement of stacks, pots, bets, etc. changes, what should I do?
 Let us know about it. As soon as the change in the location of the objects is recorded, changes will be made to the positioning of the scanned objects immediately, this will be done on the day of the change from the room. If the style of objects is changed and if the existing neural network cannot cope with the changed objects, then our team will immediately collect new objects and retrain the existing neural networks, this may take 2-3 days. But the more the rooms make changes, the more powerful the neural networks will be, recognizing the objects of the poker table. 
✔ 9. How many one PokerRecorderOCR can PokerRecorder serve?
   We recommend running one or more PokerRecorderOCRs. Each PokerRecorderOCR starts with 40 threads and can serve two PokerRecorders.

You play at 6 tables. Launch 6 PokerRecorder and 3 PokerRecorderOCR.

1st PokerRecorderOCR and 1st, 2nd PokerRecorder are operating on port 1002.

2nd PokerRecorderOCR and 3rd, 4th PokerRecorder are operating on port 1003.

3rd PokerRecorderOCR and 5th, 6th PokerRecorder are working on port 1004;
By default, PokerRecorderOCR has 20 threads. You can change the number of threads in the file C:\PokerRecorderOCR\tmp\Interset.txt at the very top line.

Video showing how to change the port in PokerRecorder and PokerRecorderOCR (file must be downloaded)
✔ 10. In what format is hand history formed in Cash and SnG?
 Hand histories for Cash and SnGs are generated in PokerStars format. 
✔ 11. If my computer crashes or my OS crashes, how can I reactivate my licenses?
   You must contact our technical support service from our website or via support@pokerocr.com or Telegram: pokerocr. Inform in the message the email to which the software was activated. Our support will unlink your licenses from old equipment and inform you about it. Then you can activate the licenses again. Free license rebinding can be done once a month. More than once - 10 euros (12 USD).  
✔ 12. What to do if hand history is formed with errors?
   In a letter with software, we send for each poker client a video or screenshots of the room's interface settings (color of the back of the cards, animation, etc.). Check if the room interface is configured correctly.

Also check if the base point is set correctly. The pivot point is the upper left-most point of the poker table. The coordinates of other elements of the poker table are counted from it. If this point has incorrect coordinates, then all the elements of the poker table will be scanned incorrectly. In the PokerRecorder settings there is an automatic positioning and selection of a base point, buttons [1-6]. Each button corresponds to one of six positions on the poker table. To position the poker table, you need to move the desired poker table, thereby making it active, and click on the button [1-6] in PokerRecorder:

The poker table will take the desired size and position, and so for all poker tables.

If for some reason you manually position the poker table, then you can check the correctness of the coordinates of the base point by the cards on the board. After clicking on the General Test button in the PokerRecorder settings, you need to check that the yellow rectangle bordering the board cards at the top and left fits snugly against the edge of the board cards, like this:

If this is not the case, then manually adjust the position of the base point using these tools:

If everything is correct, then If everything is correct, then You need to download and install Camtasia video recording software.

Link to Camtasia

Next, you need to launch PokerRecorder. Be sure to maximize the PokerRecorder window so that the field with the generated hand history can be seen on the right. Launch the Camtasia poker client and program. Then click on the record button in Camtasia and narrow the frames of the record window so that only the expanded PokerRecorder and the poker table are included in the record. Then start recording and carry out all the steps to adjust the positioning as usual. Then play for at least 30 minutes. Stop recording. You don't need to save anything.

The file we need in the * .trec format is located in the My Documents\Camtasia folder.

Send this file to us via Telegram : pokerocr or a link to the file by email: support@pokerocr.com We will reproduce your situations and determine the reason for the formation of hand histories with an error. We will inform you about the results.

ATTENTION!!! All sent video materials are strictly confidential. They are destroyed immediately after the issue has been resolved. One person is working with the video materials - the project manager. We guarantee that no one else will see the video materials you send!
✔ 13. How much does it cost to subscribe to PokerOCR?
✔ 14. What rooms are included in the PokerOCR subscription?
 Subscription includes support

ALL the rooms listed here
✔ 15. Do I have to install GTO+X and PokerSnowie?
Program GTO+X
designed to control the PokerSnowie solver.

We recommend using the solver - API CheckMath/CheckMath (API MODE) as the main solver. This solver is fast - the time to receive a recommendation from the moment of the Hero's turn is 2-4 seconds.
CheckMath works when playing, when there are two players in the game (HU). If you play at limits from NL100, then the HU situation at the table will be 70-80% of the time.

Solver PokerSnowie works in both HU and multiway (there are more than two players in the game) situations. The time to receive a recommendation from the moment the Hero's turn starts is 10-15 seconds.

If you often encounter multiway situations at the table, then it makes sense to use GTO+X and PokerSnowie.

In the PokerRecorder settings, you must set the priority to API CheckMath/CheckMath (API MODE), make PokerSnowie the second solver. At the same time, if there is a situation at the HU table, then the Hero's move recommendation comes from API CheckMath/CheckMath (API MODE), if there is a multiway situation - from PokerSnowie.
✔  16. I have not found on your site how to download a trial version of the software?
  No trial version exists. There is only a subscription. Monthly subscription rates are listed here  
✔ 17. How safe is your software to use?
  Our technology does NOT use any of the poker client image capture methods used in these cases. I'm talking about Remote Desktop Control (RDP), Virtual Machine, TeamViewer, etc. Our technology requires two system units and at least one FULL HD (1920 x 1080) monitor. On one (less productive) computer, the poker client is launched, and the player plays as usual. All other software runs on the second computer (productive). There, on the second computer, the advice of the Hero's move is displayed. We do not give a 100% guarantee that the account will be banned. But, if you follow all our recommendations presented in numerous video instructions, then with a high degree of confidence we can say that our software will not give a reason to block your account. This is evidenced by statistics - no one reported the account ban due to the fault of our software.  
✔ 18. How to pay for a software subscription?
 General information and payment details - here

The subscription is valid for 1 month.
Subscription start date:.
- when purchasing the first subscription - from the moment of activation of the PolerOCR license;
- when purchasing subsequent subscriptions - from the moment of receiving funds for the renewal of the PokerOCR subscription;
Any claims (including monetary claims) regarding the operation of our software are not accepted if the User does not have a valid PokerOCR subscription (PokerRecorder+PokerRecorderOCR) at the time of application!
✔ 19. How to contact you?
 Official site www.pokerocr.com
Email: support@pokerocr.com
Telegram: pokerocr

   II. Technical issues. PokerOCR (PokerRecorder and PokerRecorderOCR).

✔ 1. How to register/activate programs?
   Below is a video with registration/activation of PokerRecorder and PokerRecorderOCR:



✔ 2. After activating the software, the programs write that the license is active, but the software does not work?
 After activating the software or paying for the subscription after blocking the license for non-payment, you must inform us immediately that you have activated the software. After that, we will replenish your balance and inform you about it. If you do not receive a message about software activation, the balance will be replenished within 24 hours. Until the balance is positive, the stoft will not work. See the balance status in the programs menu - the button "About the license". The balance is also shown in our client program. 
✔ 3. Why can't the client program connect to the server program?

Here is a video on setting up a client-server connection.

There may be several reasons:

- the computer with the server program is not accessible to the computer with the client program.

Disable the antivirus and firewall on both computers. You can check the availability of a computer with our server program using a standard Remote Desktop Connection (RDP). On the server computer, enable Remote Desktop Control (RDP) in the computer settings. On the client computer, click on the menu Empty -> Standard -> Remote Desktop Connection. Next, enter your IP, username and password. As soon as you successfully connect to the remote desktop, then our client-server will work;

- RDP is working, but client-server is not working .

Disable antivirus and firewall on both computers. Restart our client;

- RDP is working, antivirus and firewall are disabled, but the client-server is not working .

Check if you have specified the correct IP and port of the server computer in the client. You can check the server IP by entering the ipconfig command on the server computer in the command line (cmd). When starting our server program, you need to specify the port to use and remember it. If you forgot the port that you entered into the server, you need to restart the computer with the server, because it can only be stopped from the client program. After rebooting, start the server program again and note the port.
✔ 4. Why does the client program show incorrectly after successfully connecting to the server program?
  It is necessary to specify the correct resolution of the computer monitor with the server program in the client program. The resolution on the monitors in the computers with the client and the server must be specified as recommended (maximum). The scale should be 100%. The resolution of both monitors must be at least 1920x1080. If the resolution of the monitor is lower, then you will not get the correct image on the computer with the client program.  
✔ 5. Can I use two side-by-side system units and one monitor?
  Yes, you can. Connect each system unit to a monitor using its own video input or using a KVM switch. Next, switch to the system unit with the poker client and the server program. Start the server program, specify the port, then start the poker client. Please note, the server program starts, and then the poker client. Next, you switch to the system unit with the client program. Enter into the client program IP, port, resolution of the computer monitor with the server program. After a successful connection, the poker client/clients are controlled from a computer with a client program.  
✔ 6. Can I use one computer to play with your software?
   Yes, you can, but our software does not officially support this method of playing. You must use a virtual machine. When playing with one computer, the computer must be efficient, because only one virtual machine consumes up to 50% of the computer's resources. Because we are training bases for new rooms on the image obtained when using two computers and our client-server software, not all supported rooms will work correctly when playing with a virtual machine.

The officially supported way of playing is playing on two computers. On one, less productive, our server program is installed, on the second, productive computer, our client program and other software are installed.

Detailed information here (see connection option # 4)
✔ 7. Why can't you choose where to install the program when installing PokerRecorderOCR?
   The software must be installed to the root of one of the drives C:\, D:\, etc. This is due to the peculiarities of the program's recognition system. 
✔ 8. The program writes that the license is not activated, what should I do?
   Run the program, the license will be activated automatically. If not changed, then contact our technical support from our website. 
✔ 9. Can the port be set to less than 1000?
   No, it is not possible, this was done on purpose, so as not to accidentally choose a port that is assigned to some regular service or program. 
✔ 10. What is the load on the hardware when playing at 4 tables? What kind of hardware would you recommend?
   ATTENTION! Antivirus and firewall must be disabled !!!

If the game is played on two computers. That computer with a poker client can be budget, but the second computer must be productive. If you play on the same table, then with one PokerRecorder and one PokerRecorderOCR installed, hardware can be the most budgetary, almost any computer/laptop of the last two years. If you play at 4-6 tables and the equipment is weak, then you need to either upgrade the equipment or you can rent a VPS. You will need to install PokerRecorderOCRs on the VPS.

PokerRecorder has an indicator that shows the rate at which hand histories are formed.

   If after 5 minutes of PokerRecorder operation this value is greater than 2300 - 2500 msec., Then the first thing you need to do is disable, and it is better to remove the antivirus program, as well firewall and built-in Windows service - antimalware service . If this is done and all the same time is> 2500-3000 msec., It means that PokerRecorderOCR does not have enough processor time (the processor is 100% loaded), this affects the speed of creating hand histories. PokerRecorder expects 3000 msec before sending hand history to third-party software. from the moment the turn transitions to Hero. If during this time PokerRecorder does not receive all values ​​from PokerRecorderOCR, then the hand history will be sent incomplete and third-party software will not be able to work with it.

See technical requirements
✔ 11. When playing on two computers, which programs and where to install?
    Software installation procedure:

On the first computer, less productive, you need to install:

- Poker client;
- Our server program.

On a second, more powerful computer, you need to install:

- PokerRecorder;
- PokerRecorderOCR;
- Our client program;
- GTO+X (optional);
- PokerSnowie (optional);
✔ 12. What equipment do you need to use to play?
   To play, you need to use two computers and one or two monitors. One has our server program installed. On the other, our client program. The client software allows you to change the size and position of the highlighted poker table. Also, with the help of the client, you can carry out remote control of poker tables.

System requirements
✔ 13. How to tell PokerRecorder which poker table to work with and how to correctly position the poker table object areas?
   Two computers are used for the game. One has our server program installed. On the other, our client program. The client can change the size and position of the dedicated poker table. To do this, use the buttons [1-6]. Starting from version PokerRecorder there is a possibility of automatic positioning by clicking on one of the buttons [1-6]. Each button corresponds to a position [1-6] of the poker table on the desktop.

Below is a video with automatic positioning of two poker tables.:

Below is a video with the positioning of the scanning areas of the poker table objects automatically: ;

But can be positioned manually.
Below is a video showing the positioning of the scanning areas of the poker table objects manually:

✔ 14. How to position the areas of objects on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th poker tables correctly?

Below is a video with automatic positioning of two poker tables.:

   НBelow is a video with the positioning of the scanning areas of the objects of the 2nd poker table. Areas of the 3rd, etc. tables are positioned in the same way: 

✔ 15. In case of incorrect recognition of PROCR elements, how to fix it yourself?
  Please contact our customer service. We will help you. 
✔ 16. When starting a new Spin and Go game, the S&G blinds do not automatically change to 10/20. How to fix it?
  When starting a new Spin and Go game, the S&G blinds will not automatically be 10/20. At the beginning of a new game, either double-click on the field with blinds or select them from the drop-down list with blinds. 

   III. Questions about solvers.

✔ 1. What solvers does your software support?
  Our software supports solvers: API CheckMath, CheckMath (API MODE), PokerSnowie.

More information here
✔ 2. What is the difference between using API CheckMath and CheckMath (API Mode)?
  Our software supports solvers: API CheckMath, CheckMath (API MODE). The CheckMath API is a web service that provides cloud storage solutions. CheckMath (API MODE) is a desktop program. Both options use the same cloud solution base.
The differences are as follows:
- API CheckMath is integrated into PokerRecorder, recommendations for the Hero's actions are shown directly in the PokerRecorder window. CheckMath (API MODE) does not need to be installed.
- CheckMath (API MODE) must be installed on the same computer where PokerRecorder is installed. The Hero's action recommendations are shown in CheckMath. You can also get comprehensive information on ranges, EV, etc.
Both options support multi-table play at the same time. Both options support multi-table play at the same time. Please note that both versions of the game are included in the CheckMath subscription (API MODE), i.e. with support for API mode.
✔ 3. What are the PokerRecorder settings for playing using the CheckMath and CheckMath API (API Mode)?
  To play with the CheckMath API, you need to enter the login and password issued to you when purchasing the CheckMath license (API Mode) in the PokerRecorder settings and check the box on USE:

To play with CheckMath (API Mode), you must in the PokerRecorder settings and perform the following actions:

- uncheck USE
- check the box on Submit CheckMath Request;

Attention! You cannot leave both the USE and Submit CheckMath Request checkboxes! You must choose one option!

- select the location of the folder with CheckMath (API Mode) (see the screenshot, pos. 1):
- set in the field with the prefix a numerical value from 1 to 6. This value must be unique for each open PokerRecorder (see the screenshot, pos. 2):

✔ 4. How much does a solvers subscription cost?
  Our software uses the CheckMath solver in two versions:

1 - API CheckMath is a service, support for which is integrated into PokerRecorder. Hints are displayed directly in PokerRecorder. You don't need to install CheckMath.
2. CheckMath is a program. CheckMath (API MODE) must be installed.

Both variants of the game are included in the CheckMath subscription (API MODE), i.e. with support for API mode.

The cost of a CheckMath (API MODE) subscription for one month:
-300€/month, includes 25,000 requests
-150€/month, includes 10,000 requests

When you buy your first subscription to PokerOCR, we give 500 free requests to CheckMath (API MODE) / CheckMath API (works for both) as a gift.
All unused requests can be carried over to the next month in case of re-subscription

For CheckMath subscription questions, please contact - email, Skype: support@checkmathpoker.com

Сайт CheckMath
Youtube channel

Information about the PokerSnowie solver look here

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