Take advantage of the game!  

PokerRecorder and PokerRecorderOCR - software package for creating hand histories on the fly. High safety of use!

System requirements

        Computer hardware and operating system requirements:

        Operating system:

      - Microsoft® Windows® 10;


       - Computer memory - from 8Gb;

       - CPU - Intel Pentium i5 and more productive.

        - Monitor - Full HD resolution 1920×1080 dots (pixels).

        - Monitor aspect ratio - 16:9, example (1920×1080), (2560×1440)

        - Number of computers -two and at least one monitor.

        - The computer with the poker client (1 computer) must be accessible from the computer with our software (2 computer), namely:
        1. both computers must be in the same local network, have general router, server, etc.
        2. the computer with the poker client must be accessible via the Internet. In this case, the computer with the poked client must have a "white" IP and a physical monitor.
        The availability of the first computer is checked by the standard Windows utility - Remote Desktop Connection (RDP). If RDP works, then our client-server software will work.

        When using our client-server software, the resolution of the client and server monitors may be different, but the resolution of the server monitor should not be lower than 1920×1080 pixels.

      - Communication - high-speed Internet connection. When using two or more computers, the connection of computers within a local network is via a cable. Using Wi-Fi may slow down some of our programs.


           Good luck in the game!