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PokerRecorder and PokerRecorderOCR - software package for creating hand histories on the fly. High safety of use!

Specifications PokerOCR

# Parameter Value
1. Composition PokerOCR PokerRecorder, PokerRecorderOCR, API CheckMath/CheckMath/GTO+X
2. Supported poker rooms at the request of the Customer
3. Supported game type No Limit Texas Hold'em Cash, SnG, Spin and Go
4. Number of players 2-9 max
5. Bet limit with no restrictions
6. Hand history format PokerStars
7. Method of obtaining information
for the formation of istria hands
self-written client-server application
8. The rate of formation of the story
hands from the moment the Hero moves
no more than 3-4 sec.
9. Poker tables polling frequency ~ 200 ms.
10. Number of supported
poker tables
6 tables
11. The composition of PokerOCR when playing
on 6 poker tables
6 PokerRecorder and 3 PokerRecorderOCR (40 threads)
12. Autofolder presence PokerRecorder has an autofolder with the ability to edit pocket cards
13. PokerRecorder number,
which can be installed on
one computer
max 6 PokerRecorder
14. The presence of sound prompter implemented
15. PokerRecorderOCR quantity,
which can be installed on
one computer
maximum 3 PokerRecorderOCR (40 streams)
16. Number of computers
necessary pokerr
2 computers and 1 or 2 monitors
17. Number of PokerRecorder threads 15
18. Number of PokerRecorderOCR threads 20-40
19. Percentage of logical and recognition errors ~ 3-6%
20. Supported third-party software API CheckMath, CheckMath, GTO+X as well as any software that supports import of hand histories
21. Hand history transfer method
third-party software
via text file, clipboard, IP/port
22. Possibility of installation
PokerRecorder and PokerRecorderOCR
on different OS/computers
23. Need constant
Internet access
need constant access
24. Binding license to
hardware and OC
binding is available
25. License type Subscription