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PokerRecorder and PokerRecorderOCR - software package for creating hand histories on the fly. High safety of use!

Information for potential customers

     PokerOCR consists of two programs: PokerRecorder and PokerRecorderOCR.
   Our team will develop a personal profile for you to work in the poker network you are interested in. NOT EXPENSIVE . The price includes software ( PokerOCR, GTO+X ), revision of found errors, video instructions for working with all supplied software, technical support by email and Telegram. When contacting, please let us know which poker network you are interested in. Upon request, we will contact you to discuss the details of your Order. The duration of the implementation of support for a new room is 3-4 weeks. Prepayment 50%. Final settlement after completion of work and trial session.
      There are ready-made profiles for different rooms. The software license is unlimited. Monthly subscriptions are ranged from the playable limit. Send your request to our mail or Telegram: pokerocr

      WARNING! Our software solver supports API CheckMath by PioSolver development teams. Trial keys to the API CheckMath are included in the package. No additional software is required to play with the API CheckMath. Our software using the API CheckMath can get instant access to a huge database of GTO solutions and reports.

      WARNING! Our software supports the solver program CheckMath from the PioSolver development team. The analysis of each distribution can now be approached individually. Evaluate all the options offered by the solver. If necessary, you can recalculate any street postflop. Simultaneous play on multiple tables is supported.

    WARNING! We have developed a new remote desktop imaging engine that runs a poker client. Now there is no need to use the well-known RDP, TeamViewer and virtual machines. We consider these technologies of obtaining images of a poker table to be not dangerous, therefore we do not use them. The use of our new engine allows you to significantly increase the level of safety in playing with a solver !!!

     FREE Third-party program - GTO+X. GTO+X performs management of solvers (solvers). Compatible with PokerRecorder - accepts hand histories from PokerRecorder and sends back a move recommendation. Be sure to look in the Video section on the launch and operation of all the software presented.