Take advantage of the game!  

PokerRecorder and PokerRecorderOCR - software package for creating hand histories on the fly. Works via RDP or VirtualBox.

Information for potential customers

     PokerOCR consists of two programs: PokerRecorder and PokerRecorderOCR.
   Our team will personally develop a profile for you to work in the poker room you are interested in. Expensive. The price includes tuning on the side of the Customer, refinement of the errors found. When contacting, let me know which room interests you, the selected interface of the table, what type of game, how many players, the planned budget. Advance 50%. Calculation after completion of work. Send a request to our mail.
     See an example of work at www.gtoplusx.com in the VIDEO section

     FREE Third-party program - GTO+X. GTO+X performs management of solvers (solvers). Compatible with PokerRecorder - accepts hand histories from PokerRecorder and sends back a move recommendation. GTO+X can be downloaded from the developer's website. Be sure to look in the Video section on the launch and operation of all the software presented.